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xodus dance collective

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Established in New York in 2006, the collective merges dancers of diverse experiences and backgrounds into one shared experience. Artistic director, Karen Gayle’s ‘slice of life’ choreographic approach explores both unique and common perspectives of life. Offering a glimpse from a wide shot or close up angle on scenarios that affect the human journey and day to day living, Gayle continues to create different methods that touch audiences through their senses. Sculptural, pedestrian, athletic, fluid, spoken dance theatre, the collective fuses all styles and techniques into one unified movement.

touch the senses


"I commend choreographer Karen Gayle for creating a dance work void of cliche or convention." 

Walter Rutledge

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"The most powerful piece of the night was “Mother’s Cry.” I don’t think there was a person in the room that couldn’t identify with the emotions in the choreography. Bravo to Karen Gayle."


Dance Mogul Magazine

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